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WRCNU: 2011 in Review
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Dear Friends:

Thank you for your support and for making 2011 more successful than ever! Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah is entering its fourth year as an organization and it is all because of the magnificent support of people like you who make it possible.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah (WRCNU) has taken in over 1,740 wild animals so far this year. Animals that would not have survived without the unique services made possible by your valuable contributions. Most of the animals we see have come to our facility due to some type of human-caused impact: gunshots, electrocutions, litter entanglement, pet attacks, various inhumane traps, loss of habitat and misplaced goodwill. We are able to release approximately 65% of these animals back into the wild and find licensed education facilities for many non-releasable animals thanks to your generosity and support.

November marked a full year in the Carol Conroy Browning facility located at 1490 Park Blvd. This magnificent opportunity has increased our capacity to provide higher quality care and enabled us to return animals to the wild much faster than ever before. We truly appreciate the support of Ogden City which allows us to continue our unique service to the community and surrounding areas as the largest wildlife rehabilitation center in the entire state of Utah. Over this past year we have engaged the help of 268 volunteers who have selflessly given over 17,394 hours of service and 2011 is not yet over.

Milestones of 2011 include:

* Dinosaur Park Partnership--this year we partnered with Dinosaur Park’s Summer Camp Program adding a new dimension to their amazing educational programs for children.

* Outreach--WRCNU began its outreach educational program this year and we will be expanding our reach in 2012. Our services included an outreach program that brought a wide variety of wildlife and conservation topics into public venues, school groups, BSA Courts of Honor and more.

* Self-guided Tour—a work still in progress, but our self-guided tour of natural history displays is growing and soon you will be able to walk through portions of the facility and find fascinating information, displays & activities for children and adults alike.

* Video Presentation--many of you joined us for our “full house” evening presentation of the Lords of Nature: Life in a Land of Large Predators. We feel this presentation was a huge success and are inspired to create more such events in the future.

* Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)--we are extremely happy to have been accepted into the CFC this year. This is a unique opportunity for us to collect financial support through United Way from federal employees who like what we do.

* Eagle Scout Projects--the Local BSA have been a tremendous support this year. A perfect partnership that provides Life Scouts with an opportunity to gain their Eagle Award while providing WRCNU with materials, labor and a finished project to support our mission. Twelve (12) Eagle Projects completed in 2011 so far and twelve (12) more projects currently in progress.

As 2012 begins, WRCNU’s focus is on “Volunteer Recruitment and Retention.” As the cornerstone of our volunteer organization, we will focus on our current volunteer force and increasing it to match the size of the growing needs of our surrounding community. We will also work on areas within our Junior Volunteer Program to ensure our youth volunteers are getting the attention they truly deserve. Our plan will involve setting goals for our volunteers, step-level training classes, and other incentives as well as restructuring our written policy and guidance to make volunteerism at WRCNU more enjoyable for all. We have an amazingly diverse group of volunteers. We still enjoy the support of many great groups from Weber State University, University of Utah, Boy Scouts of America, Hill Air Force Base, small and large businesses, various religious groups, as well as private and public schools.

Besides building our volunteer base we continue to battle the assumption that we are funded by the city, state or federal governments. Changing this perception and educating the public about our non-profit mission and educational focus is key to bringing in the financial support needed to match our needs, patient volume and size. People are often amazed at the actual cost of rehabilitating individual animals—this is not an inexpensive task.

Winter is typically a “time of rest”, of shorter days and time to regroup and recoup, but there is “no rest for the weary” as we still have a lot to do in the facility to prepare for the years ahead. Many people call what we do “a labor of love”, and it is–But not a love of the “cute and cuddly”, rather a love of wildlife, habitat and our environment and one we are willing to work hard for. Please help us further our mission:

Through wildlife rehabilitation and education we will empower the community to engage in conservation and responsible stewardship of wildlife and habitat.

We need your support and hope you will consider WRCNU for your tax deductable contribution. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Contribute by mail, visiting the Center, or you may use our safe and secure donation page by visiting our website at www.WRCNU.org and clicking the “Donate” button.

2012 Calendars Are Here! Swing by the Center and purchase our limited 13-Month WRCNU 2012 Calendar. Our full color calendar has 27 photos of many of the animals who have come through our facility including several release photos and information on each of the pictured wild patients. If we run out, we plan to print more into January, but don’t procrastinate and miss out on these great calendars.

With warm holiday wishes from all of us at WRCNU,

WRCNU Board of Directors
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November 28, 2011
I applaude you all--amazing how far you've come and the sky is the limit! I'll be by for a calendar TOO!
November 28, 2011
Great Work! And I want your calendar...maybe a good stocking stuffer???
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