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Volunteer Opportunities

Come and join our team. Volunteering at WRC is a rewarding experience for adults and youth (aged 12 to 18). We help an average of 1,300 injured and orphaned birds a year. This requires many dedicated volunteers.

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities…
• Answering the phone
• Handling the intake of injured birds
• Feeding and caring for baby songbirds
• Cleaning
• Fundraising
• Office work/record keeping/ mailings
• Educational programs
• Community outreach
• Event planning
• Boy Scout Eagle projects
• Corporate and group projects
• Writing newsletters
• Caring for injured or orphaned raptors (after gaining adequate experience)

Our volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds. They are different ages and have had different experiences. They are special people who sacrifice time and come out in all kinds of weather. They are the backbone of our organization. Come and be a part of our specialized team. Know what it is like to make a difference and release a wild bird back into its natural habitat.

To volunteer call 801-814-7888 or email volunteer@wrcnu.org so you can be signed up for one of our 90 minute Volunteer Orientation classes. A nonrefundable administrative processing fee will be charged during the application process ($5 for children 17yrs and under; $10 for adults).
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“Man believes he must manage the wilderness for the wilderness’ sake. Wilderness: a perfect example of eons of successful self-management and yet man shall “manage” it to death.”
~Buz Marthaler~