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Want to help out, visit our "Needs List"

Community Support Projects: (projects continually change and those listed here may not be available while other needs may not yet be listed here. If you are interested in available projects please email info@wrcnu.org and we will get back to you as soon as possible)

  • Education raptor transport boxes (built to specification)
  • Indoor raptor/passerine mews (caging/enclosures built to specification)
  • Bird perches (instructions and samples provided)
  • Power washing kennel carpeting and cleaning kennels/caging
  • Outdoor raptor mews (caging/enclosures built to specification)
  • Outdoor squirrel caging; rabbit hutches; nest boxes (all build to specification)
  • Kennel carpeting (purchase or solicit donations and cut to size)
  • Volunteer work (short-term and long-term opportunities)
  • Solicit donations/support
  • Come up with your own idea based on WRCNU needs and submit it to WRCNU for approval
Other Areas:
  • In-kind donations (food, materials, indoor and outdoor water dishes, etc—see “Needs List” on our “Donate” page)
  • Monetary donations (cash, check, credit—one-time payment or recurring plans available
  • Volunteers (work around your schedule)

All projects must be preapproved and project organizers must be briefed on specific requirements and expectations of completed projects prior to assignment of task. Projects will be assigned based on current need of WRCNU, but we will gladly work with you on items that are of interest to you and beneficial to WRCNU.

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